Philip Wardlaw Portrait

Philip Wardlaw

Software Developer


Hey! I'm Phil. Programming is my passion and career. I currently work at Original Fire Games. In the past I have worked at Relic Entertainment on Age of Empires 4, on web applications, hydrogen fuel cell simulations, and manufacturing software. In my spare time I get a kick out of climbing, hiking, gaming, and bad jokes.

Areas of interest: Game development, C++, C#, AI, ML.


Circuit Superstars

The Stylized Racing Simulator

Circuit Superstars

  • Role: Senior Programmer

  • Responsibilities: Gameplay, online systems, Xbox porting, and wearing many hats - such is the Indie life :)

  • Link here.

Age of Empires 4

The latest game in the AAA franchise


  • Role: Senior Programmer

  • Responsibilities: AI, map generation, gameplay systems.

  • Link here.

Coyote - 2016

A simple game inspired by the tale of a coyote living at UBC

Coyote screenshot

BattleBroats - 2015

A multiplayer TCP/IP Python text based battle ships game

BattleBroats screenshot

Traffic Fury - 2017

A fast paced platformer

Traffic Fury screenshot


NeuroEvolution - 2020

A simple NeuroEvolution demo.


A simple NeuroEvolution demo. Uses naive evolutionary algorithm + DNN to generate an AI controller capable of solving a simple puzzle.

  • View the code here.

Mobile Robotic Simulator - 2012

Undergraduate final year project

Mobile Robotic Simulator Screenshot

The simulator could be used to develop mobile robotic pathing algorithms and visualize robots behaviour in real time.

JarJarScript - 2017

A programming language

Everyone loves Jar Jar Binks

I'm interested in learning more about the inner workings of programming languages so I am writing a scripting language from scratch

  • View the code here.

OpenFCST - 2014

Open Fuel Cell Simulation Toolbox

Everyone loves Jar Jar Binks

During my MSc I contributed to the OpenFCST. My contributions were the development of multi-scale simulations, unit testing suites, and a Graphical user interface.